Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi Wiki
Ancient Chalice
James Patterson holding the chalice
Clip Size: 1
Max Ammo: 4 + 1 in clip
Shot Damage: +1300
Melee Damage: N/A

Ancient Chalice is a chalich which player can use to store Holy Water.


The Ancient Chalice is easily the most powerful weapon in the game. A single hit from the holy water it carries will kill any non-boss enemy, and even the game's toughest bosses fall after only 2 to 3 hits. It can be obtained from Father Aville or Manfred the Acolyte's trunk, after bringing either of them to safety. To fill the chalice, use the Crucifix blast on any water trough to turn the water inside into glowing blue holy water. Then fire the chalice into the holy water to fill it. When you fire the chalice, you'll toss out a spray of holy water in front of you. The holy water spray has a pretty short range, but covers a very wide arc and completely destroys any enemies that are caught in it. The spray's wide arc also makes it possible to kill several enemies at once with it if they're close together. The chalice can only hold 5 shots at a time, so it's a good idea to refill it whenever you happen by a water trough in the castle. There's a water trough in the main courtyard, to the right of the Main Castle's front door. The chalice's holy water is deadly only to supernatural foes. The Count's Gypsy henchmen are immune to it, as are the Devil Dogs. Likewise, your family members are also unaffected by it. It is quite deadly against every other enemy in the game, though.

Since water troughs begin to appear regularly from the West Wing onward, holy water is arguably the most optimal weapon to combat Demoduses and Gargoyles, since both monsters are able to otherwise shrug off copious amounts of damage (both need 2-3 Musket shots or lots of Machinegun fire to kill), and the latter in particular are extremely dangerous to fight using any other weapon, especially if multiple monsters are attacking.