Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi Wiki

Angelica Patterson

Location: West Wing, fixed location
Rescue Reward: Garlic
From the Manual: Your sister Angelica is the youngest of your siblings, and a successful dancer with the Royal Ballet.

Like the other West Wing hostages, your younger sister Angelica's location is randomly determined when you begin a new game, but she will always appear in the same room even if you reload from a previous save game. Angelica will reward you with garlic for saving her. This bushel of garlic is seperate from the garlic you get from your Mother and/or Father, so you'll get it even if you've already rescued your Mother or Father. Angelica's cute and attractive, but she really doesn't contribute much to your expedition.

NOTE: Like Father Aville and Manfred the Acolyte, Angelica doesn't have a recoil animation, so she won't show she's taking damage until she actually dies.