Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi Wiki


Appearance: Evil-looking doberman pinscher, with black fur and sharp teeth.

Dead Devil Dog

Devil dog.jpg

Attack Damage: 4 - 6 - 8 - 10 - 12
Speed: Fast
Health: 52
Repelled by Crucifix: No
Hits to Kill: Cane: 4
Revolver: 1-3
Flintlock: 1
Musket: 1
Chalice: 1
Punch: 13
Stake: 1-2
Machine Gun: 3

Description and strategy[]

Ingame Description: "The rabid canine Devil Dogs have pitch-black fur and gleaming eyes. Their frothing, stinking jaws are filled with yellowish sharp fangs and remains of their last meals. The Devil Dogs can smell fear. The more wavering in their conviction and dedication their victims are, the more brutal the dogs become."

Devil Dogs are either corrupted form of ordinary doberman or demons that assumed the form of hellish-looking dogs.

Devil Dogs are some of the first enemies you'll encounter. They're arguably the weakest enemy type, but can still give you trouble early on in the game. Their relatively small size and black fur makes them tough to spot in the darkness of the castle until they're right on top of you. They're also reasonably quick and hit for decent damage. They also seem to do more damage if you run away from them instead of attacking them. Fortunately, they can't survive much punishment, and can easily be dispatched either by rapid fist blows or a few whacks with the Cane Sword. Annoyingly, Devil Dogs are unaffected by the Crucifix, so if they catch you by surprise you can't drive them away while switching to another weapon. It's possible to dodge their intial leaping bite, though, and this should give you time to back away and switch to a melee weapon to kill them.

By themselves, the Devil Dogs rarely pose much of a threat, however they, desmodus , lesser vampires and lesser vampiresses in the game are the only monsters that seem to always focus on attacking escorted family members instead of the player, making killing them an absolute priority.

On Medium difficulty, the absolute best way of dealing with Devil Dogs is by stabbing them with a Stake. There's an abundance of stakes even in early game, and a stake kills Devil Dogs in a single strike. On Easy difficulty, a single Revolver shot will suffice.