Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi Wiki

Dr. Amersfield

Location: East Wing, randomized
Rescue Reward: Free healing
From the Manual: Dr. Amersfield is your grandfather’s physician. He has been asked to join the family to Romania to take care of your grandfather should anything unexpected occur.

Dr. Amersfield is one of the first relatives you can rescue. He's randomly located in one of the rooms of the Castle's East Wing. You'll need to find him and bring him back to the Main Courtyard if you want to help Father Aville. The Doctor will also be able to offer you free healing for the rest of the game if you bring him back to the Sanctuary. Just drop by the Sanctuary at any time and press the "use" key on him, and he'll restore your health to 100. This is a big help since there's only a limited number of health kits lying around the castle, while the Doc can fix you up an unlimited number of times. You get a lot of benefits from the goo

Dr. Amersfield in the sanctuary

d Doctor, so you should try to go out of your way to find and rescue him.