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Over the course of the game, James Patterson will combat The Count's minions and other demonic creatures in the castle.


The enemies that encountered in the game are demons and other dark creatures who followed both The Count and Lord Malachi, hellbent to revive the former and plunge the world into the darkness by sacrificing all members of Patterson family. If James died at the hands of either Malachi or The Count, Malachi will rise and lead the forces of darkness conquering the world...

List of Enemies


Gypsies are locals who swayed into the service of The Count.


Deceased humans revived as lesser living corpses. Weaker than vampires, but still packs quite a punch.


infernal creatures who followed The Count in their quest for reviving Lord Malachi. It is possible for some vampires to become demons.


Vampires are once humans, but revived and/or corrupted by demonic forces and became bloodthirsty shadows of their former selves. Some such as Desmodiij and Demodus became powerful enough to evolve into demons.


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