Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi Wiki
2011-06-26 00030.jpg
James performing a jab
Clip Size: N/A
Max Ammo: N/A
Shot Damage: N/A
Melee Damage: 4

You start the game armed only with your bare hands. They might not seem like much when you're pitted against the sharp claws of undead monsters, but don't under-estimate them. Your fists do the least damage and have the shortest range out of all your weapons, but they also have an extremely high rate of fire since the rate at which you punch is only limited by how fast you can tap the fire button. If you can tap the fire button fast enough, it's quite easy to run up to an enemy and pummel them so quickly that the rapid hits keep them stunned and prevent them from hitting back. This makes your fists great for beating up single enemies, although it's not very effective when you're faced with multiple foes. Like the Cane Sword, using your fists will cause your stamina gauge to increase. When you reach 100% stamina, you'll still be able to fight with your fists just as effectively, but you won't be able to run for several seconds while your stamina recovers. Although your fists can stun most of the game's enemies, some enemies, such as the Desmodus or Gargoyle are fast enough to slash you between punches.