Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi Wiki
Flintlock Pistol
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James holding the Flintlock Pistol
Clip Size: 1
Max Ammo: 30 + 1 in clip
Shot Damage: 140
Melee Damage: N/A

Some of the Count's Gypsy minions carry these old-fashioned firearms, and will drop their weapon for you to pick up after you kill them. The Flintlock Pistol can only hold one round at a time, and needs to be reloaded after each shot. The reload time is also somewhat slow, taking a couple seconds. This is more than compensated for by the fact that the flintlock is extremely powerful, and can kill most of the game's enemies with a single shot (there are only 3 non-boss enemies that require more than 1 flintlock shot to kill, and they do not show up frequently until near the end of the game).

Great against any single foe, but the reload time does make it less useful against multiple enemies (unless you're good at running around dodging enemy attacks while reloading). Unfortunately, the flintlock pistol is also very inaccurate at anything past medium range. Because of the flintlock's slow rate of fire and the relatively small amount of ammo you can carry with it, it's a good idea to wait until an enemy is right in front of you before firing, to ensure you get a clean hit. Don't shoot if you don't have a straight shot (i.e. if you're circle-strafing or turning quickly to face an enemy coming at you from the side), or else you may miss and end up getting hit upside the head while reloading.


Remember, you cannot reload and run at the same time. If you need to reload your flintlock, you need to drop to walking speed first. You CAN run in the middle of reloading, however. You can also carry multiple flintlock pistols at the same time, and can cycle between them by pressing the "#4" key. Cycling from an empty flintlock to one that's already loaded is slightly faster than reloading the empty one, and be helpful when dealing with multiple enemies. You can pick up your first Flintlock from one of the Gypsy henchmen guarding Buster's cage. This enemy is non-random and always spawns at the same place (the door just to the right of the East Wing door). Additional pistols can be acquired from Gypsy henchmen that randomly appear within the castle, and flintlock ammo appears randomly in chests and rooms throughout the game. It's reasonably common, and it only takes 10 pickups to raise your ammo count to the maximum amount of 40,but you can run out if you over-use the flintlock and waste it on weak enemies such as Devil Dogs or scythe-wielding Gypsies.