Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi Wiki

Garlic sitting in Mrs. Patterson's trunk

Given By: Mrs. Patterson or Dr. Gerald Patterson, and Sister Angelica

Garlic acts much like a brandished crucifix, causing certain enemy creatures like vampires or ghouls to cower away from you. The advantage of garlic over the crucifix is that it is always active, and leaves your hands free to use other weapons. Garlic only affects those enemies that are affected by the crucifix (so dogs, gypsies, vampiresses, demons, bosses, and other such enemies will not be affected by it). Also, like a crucifix, garlic does not repel enemies very well if they're close enough to hit you. There are two bushels of garlic in the game, one will be given to you by your sister Angelica, the other can be given to you by either your father or your mother. Garlic lasts for 6 minutes. Once you use up a bushel of garlic, it will be gone forever, so wait until you need it before picking one up.