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Gregory Bidwell

Location: East Wing, Garrison Roof
Rescue Reward: Box of 50 revolver bullets, Stamina Potion
From the Manual: The journalist Gregory Bidwell has been a close friend of the family since childhood, and has ever since covered your feats as a sportsman in the London papers. He has had a secret relationship with Rebecca in the past and has developed a close friendship with her since then. He has joined the family on the journey by her invitation.

Like Aunt Sophie

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Greg tied up on the garrison roof
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Greg in the Sanctuary

, Greg's location isn't random. He's a hostage of the game's second boss, the Succubus Moraie, on the ruined roof the of the East Wing Garrison. You'll need to defeat Moraie and take her key to untie him. Unlike most of your relatives, Greg can actually fight and will help you by attacking any enemies that he sees. Greg has a VERY powerful punch that kills enemies like Desmodiij or Ghouls in just 2 or 3 hits. Enemies will also tend to ignore him and concentrate on attacking you, so you don't have to worry too much about Greg getting himself killed. Still, you will eventually have to bring him back to the Sanctuary, because like all relatives he'll automatically die after several minutes if you leave him alone inside the Caste to go exploring on your own. Greg's trunk contains a stamina potion as well as a box of 50 revolver bullets. Take the bullets if you need them, but it might be wiser to save the stamina potion for the game's final battle, since it only lasts for 6 minutes and cannot be re-used after it runs out.

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