Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi Wiki

Manfred the Acolyte

Location: West Wing, fixed location
Rescue Reward: Ancient Chalice (if you haven't already rescued Father Aville)
From the Manual: Manfred is the acolyte of Father Aville and has joined the trip to assist Father Aville with the marriage and take the opportunity to document Romanian occultism.

Like the other West Wing hostages, Manfred the Acolyte's location is randomly determined when you begin a new game, but he will always appear in the same room even if you reload from a previous save game. Rescuing Manfred will reward you wit

Manfred the Acolyte, in prosternation at the Sanctuary

h the Chalice, if you failed to save Father Aville earlier. If you already have the Chalice, saving Manfred doesn't get you anything, although you probably should still help him out if you want to be a competist and to make the final boss fight easier.

NOTE: Like Father Aville, Manfred doesn't have a recoil animation, so if he gets attacked, he won't show it until he eventually drops dead.