Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi Wiki


Appearance: Shriveled, skeletal, mummified corpse.

Skeleton attacking the player

Attack Damage: 10 - 15 - 20
Speed: Slow
Health: 80
Repelled by Crucifix:No
Hits to Kill:
Cane: 7
Revolver: 3
Flintlock: 1
Musket: 1
Chalice: 1
Punch: 20
Stake: 2
Machine Gun: 4

Description and strategy[]

In various parts of the castle, you may see shriveled, grey, mummified bodies lying on the ground. Take note of them, because there's a good chance that when you return to that room (perhaps after rescuing a relative) these corpses will

Dead Skeleton

suddenly get up and start attacking you. Skeletons are pretty slow (moving with the standard movie zombie shambling shuffle), but they can catch you by surprise, especially if you ignored them as harmless (if one is moving towards you from the front, be sure to look back to make sure none have reanimated behind you). One or two hits are sufficient to knock a Decayed Zombie to the ground, but don't be fooled into thinking they're defeated. After a few seconds they get back up again, and you'll just have to knock them back down. Skeletons will die for real after they've taken enough damage. A single shot from the flintlock pistol will kill them instantly, otherwise you'll just have to smack them down until they stop getting back up. Decayed Zombies are pretty slow, but they've got a pretty long reach with their arms, so be sure to sprint in and out with each attack if you're going to melee them. Also be careful that they don't end up surrounding you. They're fairly uncommon in the East Wing and West Wing, although you'll find quite a few of them lying inside the Main Castle's various rooms.