Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi Wiki

The Main Courtyard

This is where you begin your adventure. The Main Courtyard is a large, open area that serves as the central hub from which you can access the castle's 3 major areas as well as the Sanctuary where you can deposit any rescued family members. The Courtyard itself is mostly safe. Enemies don't spawn in the main area, although there are two spots where monsters can spawn:

-In the shadowy area in the far Southeast corner near the Main Castle entrance (near the stairs leading to the Crypt entrance).

-At the bottom of the stairs leading to the Main Castle. A monster may only appear in this spot after the above encounter.

In both cases most commonly it's going to be a Devil Dog, however on rare occasions a Desmodij or a Gypsy with Flintlock Pistol may appear instead. The East Wing key actually has a chance to appear in place of two random pickups in front of the Crypt entrance, so you may have to go there and deal with the above monsters first.


- There's absolutely no reason to go through the door right behind the retractable drawbridge to the West Wing. Said door leads to a hallway with a Ghoul, a vampire in a coffin, and a dead end. It contains no items and once you reach the end of the hallway, you will be ambushed by a group of Zombies.

- There's a minor jumpscare in the Courtyard - If you hop through the fence to the left of the stairs to the Main Castle (spot next to one of the black trees) and then approach the pit facing the East Wing, a swarm of bats will suddenly jump out. This appears to be a purely cosmetic effect, without affecting the gameplay in any way.

- On each side of the Courtyard, there's a small room with a chest and window, behind each of the northmost doors. If you approach the window, The Count will briefly appear in it. Whether he appears in the window of the eastern or the western room is chosen at random when you start the game.