Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi Wiki

The Sanctuary

Directly behind you, to the North, is the entrance to the Sanctuary. Inside, you'll find the abandoned trunks of all your kidnapped relatives. The Sanctuary is also where you're supposed to take your relatives after you find and free them inside the castle. After being deposited in the Sanctuary, your relatives will remain there for the rest of the game. They will also reward you by opening up their individual trunk and allowing you to pick up the special item inside. The Sanctuary is the only safe place for your relatives, they will die if left alone anywhere else in the castle. You can also restore your health at the Sanctuary if you rescue Dr. Amersfield, so drop by anytime you need healing.

The Sanctuary door, as seen from the main courtyard. Note the multiple crosses nailed to the door, to repel the evil spirits