Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi Wiki

Wilfred Patterson

Location: West Wing, 5th Floor Portal Room
Rescue Reward: Skeleton key, Speed potion
From the Manual: Your brother Wilfred has notorious moon lighting skills as a London burglar. Your family is completely unaware of his occupation and you are the only one who knows of his skills.

Your brother Wilfred is being held hostage by the Succubus Draija in the Main Portal Room on the West Wing's 5th floor. You'll need to defeat the Succubus and retrieve her key to unlock the chains that bind Wilfred. Like Greg, Wilfred will help you fight and has a powerful punch that kills most of the game's enemies in just 2 or 3 hits. Also like Greg, you will eventually need to leave him at the Sanctuary, because he'll die if left alone inside the castle.

Bringing him back to t

Wilfred tied up by Draija

he Sanctuary will reward you with two special items, a skeleton key that unlocks some of the family trunks, and a speed potion. The speed potion should be saved for the final battle, since it only lasts 6 minutes and can't be re-used. The skeleton key can be useful to retrieve a few special items if you failed to save all your relatives, but there are many trunks it doesn't unlock.