Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi Wiki


Appearance: Hunched, hooded man with green skin and green robes.


Attack Damage: 4 - 5 - 6
Speed: Fast
Health: 66
Repelled by Crucifix: Yes
Hits to Kill:
Cane: 5
Revolver: 2
Flintlock: 1
Musket: 1
Chalice: 1
Punch: 17
Stake: 1
Machine Gun: 4

Description and strategy[]

The first time you encounter the Zombie will probably be when you enter the East Wing Crypt, which is crawling with them. They also begin appearing randomly inside the West Wing and Main Castle, which means you'll be encountering regularly during the last 2/3 of the game. Zombies often appear by rising from the floor, most commonly inside narrow corridors between rooms in the West Wing. They emit audible hissing sound when they do so, providing an early warning before they attack. From West Wing onward, they also spawn (already standing) in the same spots as any regular enemy (i.e. in any room corner). They can't survive much damage (2 revolver shots or a single stake will kill them), but they're pretty fast and can leap across a room like a Ghoul or Desmodiij can. Zombies apparently have a longer reach than Ghouls or Desmodiij, and they can still strike you even if you're several feet away and outside the range of their fists. This makes melee combat with them a bit more problematic, but you can still pummel them with your fists or cane sword without getting hit if you're fast enough.

The most optimal weapon to combat Zombies with is the Revolver. Due to their low health, it only takes two shots to kill them (only on Easy and Medium difficulties), meaning you can kill two Zombies with one full clip. Using the Flintlock Pistol or the Musket is ill-advised, as these weapons do far more damage than necessary to kill a Zombie, so their ammunition should be preserved for more dangerous monsters.

Like the Feral Zombie, Zombies don't trigger the combat music when they spot you, meaning it's easy to walk into a room without noticing them, allowing the monster to attack you from behind. This stealthy trait is slightly offset by the fact that they're very noisy when attacking - aside from their constant grunts, they're also prone to audibly swipe at the air long before being close enough to actually hit you.